Instructions are printed on every can

Sweeping and removal of any sugary substances with a slightly damp cloth or mop is the only preparation needed. Use no soap or detergent.

Shake Well.

Pour about a cupful into a clean bowl or tray adding NOTHING to it.

Dip your applicator lightly into the polish and apply sparingly to the floor.

Change the applicator when it becomes dirty.

Allow to dry thoroughly before using a polishing machine.

For the initial cleaning of floors in bad condition, use Onono Cleanser Polish with steel wool or floor maintenance pads. In this case use the cleanser polish more liberally. Mop up the dirt while still wet or, alternatively, reverse and change the pads as necessary. For stubborn marks encountered during routine cleaning apply Onono Cleanser Polish with a small piece of steel wool and wipe clean with a cloth.

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