Onono Cleanser Polish is a fast and brilliant polish that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Use it to remove biro and crayon marks, chewing gum, grease, black scuff marks, dirty wax build-up, tar and road film.

Onono is time and labour saving, hygienic and competitively priced.

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Launched in 1961, Onono Cleanser Polish quickly found a market in schools, where floors take a hammering. However, its appeal is universal; customers being housewives, cleaning companies, village halls, homes for the aged, hospitals, dance halls and so on. Wherever there is a hardwood, granwood, cork or linoleum floor Onono Cleanser Polish is needed. It has been especially popular with customers having multi-use floors, which can be a particular headache for those with responsibility for maintenance.

In recent years, Onono Cleanser Polish has sold on the momentum of its own success, without advertising or active promotion. We plan now to revitalise the product, giving it world-wide coverage via the Internet. It has stood the test of time. It is ready to meet the challenge of the future.

Onono Cleanser Polish is a golden yellow liquid designed to clean as well as to polish those floors which are best kept out of contact with water. Wooden floors and furniture come high on the list in this category, but most surfaces which should not be washed with water can be cleaned and polished with Onono Cleanser Polish.

In nearly forty years of marketing, we have not come across a product which is truly comparable in its approach to floor care.

The strength of this product lies not only in the results it is capable of achieving, but in the overall cost. Labour is an important constituent of floor maintenance; our approach reduces this cost.

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